Paul Pierce, the best player?

Finals MVP Paul Pierce, who recently spent three days at a ball camp in Madrid, is making, ahem, news about what he said to a Spanish reporter. The money translation, via RedsArmy: “Q: Is Kobe really the best player in the world? Pierce: I don’t think Kobe is the best player. I’m the best player. There’s a line that separates having confidence and being conceited. I don’t cross that line but I have a lot of confidence in myself.” Surprisingly, Spurs fans seem more upset by this than actual Lakers fans. (Update: OK, Lakers Nation is pretty upset, too.)


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4 responses to “Paul Pierce, the best player?

  1. oh c’mon! he’s not even the best player on his own team, not even in the top 10 players today. see what a championship can do to his sanity. geez

  2. kamote ka, kaninong pic na naman yang ninakaw mo? hehehe… paliit ng paliit mukha mo ah! gamunggo na ata yan bunso hehehehe

  3. Neil Patrick Harris of How I Met Your Mother. He’s legend………. wait for it
    dary! :D

  4. did you know he’s gay? heeheehee… tsk tsk tsk… anong color ng blair’s headband gusto mo?

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